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When you sit down with an investor during your negotiation, you want to prepare. You need to have a robust understanding of the startup valuation process. You need to define the underlying valuation assumptions. This enables you to discuss at eye’s level with investors. At a certain moment during negotiations, you will discuss the startup valuation range. You will derive it by using different startup valuation calculators with different methods. The pre money valuation calculators for startups are:

  • Risk Factor Summation Valuation Calculator
  • Scorecard Valuation Calculator
  • Venture Capital Valuation Calculator
  • Discounted Cash-Flow Valuation Calculator
  • First Chicago Valuation Calculator

On our platform we provide a set of tools based on startup valuation templates. The pre money valuation calculators allow you to calculate a valuation range.

Startup Valuation Calculators explained

You can learn more about the different startup valuation templates and calculators. We provide in the Guide section the chapters Company Valuation and Cash Need. There we cover these key points:

  • Understand how different valuation calculators wor
  • Being able to select the right pre money valuation calculator
  • Researching benchmark data for startup valuations
  • Understanding results and doing sanity checks
  • Calculating a startup valuation range
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Get training on pre money valuation calculation

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Learn about the different valuation techniques for fundraisers with our masterclass videos. Use the valuation calculators to get a plausible valuation range for your startup. Learn how to derive benchmark data and how to interpret the results.

Frequently Asked Questions on startup valuation calculators

Isn’t the valuation of my startup fixed when I am early stage?

When you are pre-seed and pre-product, your valuation is somehow fixed. Depending on your team and the market potential, it can vary a little. Once you are in seed, you got a working prototype, the situation changes. Valuations differ depending on some factors. These can be

  • your business model
  • the team
  • your Unique Positioning
  • the market expectations

Using a startup valuation calculator helps you in understanding the key assumptions. They are important to derive a higher valuation for your startup. You need good arguments for your valuation.

How does a pre money valuation calculator differ from a post money valuation calculator?

Pre money valuation is the valuation of your startup before an investor puts money in. If you add the funds raised from an investor to the pre money valuation, you get the post money valuation. It is better to negotiate pre money valuations with investors. This is the reason why you are looking for pre money valuation calculators. Yet, it is easy to get from a post money valuation to the pre money valuation. Reduce the post money valuation by the funds raised from your future investor and there you go.

What is a startup valuation range?

Valuations of startups are a quite subjective estimate. Opinions can differ. Still, the final valuation used for an investor to step in, should be between x and y. This is the valuation range. It is limits the lower and the upper end of an acceptable valuation.

Why do I need a startup valuation calculator?

If we run calculations for the first time, it gives us comfort to use a trusted tool that an expert tested before. There should not be mis-calculations for this sensitive topic of startup valuations. Moreover, a startup valuation calculator shows the results. It puts them into perspective. This gives security that valuations are not far off. The valuation calculator for startups helps to structure arguments. So you can defend your level of valuation. It helps you to compare to other startups’ valuations. Good startup valuation calculators provide data. You need it to benchmark and to have a good starting point for your analysis.

Get investor-ready

On you’ll find everything in one place. No need to read yet another startup blog about getting an investor!

  • Benefit from our structured guide based on a proven process
  • Use valuation tools and our investor database
  • Create your investment proposal based on our template and guide.
  • Learn with virtual:lab videos
  • Book live Q&A sessions to get answers to all your questions

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"A big thank you for your workshop "Debunking the investor process" in our Accelerator programme at Gateway. It was an absolute highlight for me this year. Especially the concept of "Rich or King" will accompany me from now on."

Dieter Welfonder

Incredible Bootcamp thanks to Startup Wise Guys! Now, entrepreneurs are more ready to scale their businesses and expand their startups to other countries.

3 Important Things that they learned:
- Lead generation strategies.
- Key Resources that every entrepreneur should have to scale.
- Pitching!

3 Takeaways:
- Think global at the beginning.
- You don’t need to leave your comfort zone but you have to expand your comfort zone.
- Create your all strategies before going global.

TRAXIT graduates from SWG OPA!
With great honor and pleasure we received our Graduation Diploma from
Startup Wise Guys Online Pre Accelerator.
Big thanks to all SWG Team, and in particular Cristobal Alonso, Andrea Orlando, Asta Vasiliauskaite, Marta Madara Dundure, Karina Lapina, Andra Bagdonaitė and all
supporting and external Mentors for the highly valuable insights on Pitching, Company Values
and Purpose, Sales and Financials.
In particular Paola Gariglio, Juan Carlos Martinez Barrio, Petra Wolkenstein and Patrick Collins, among the others. We loved being there and being pushed to the limits! It was a rich and productive program. We also want to thank all our fellow startups founders, for the warm and encouraging atmosphere:
TourMyTable, OPERA, Voicemed, LokitTech, GOGOBeach, Tayra, Veraison Technologies, IntelliHearts, Shipping to go, Bryla, Non-zone.
We are now getting ready for a great new year. We will keep you posted!

Pietro Lanzarini
Ceo & CoFounder, Traxit

It was great having you here Petra, thank you for all the support for the founders!

Andra Bagdonaitė
Associate & Program Manager, Startup Wise Guys

"Hi, once again Petra 🙂 Thank you for such an energetic and in all senses absolutely excellent and highly valuable SWG QA session. "

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"Hello Petra!

Thank you so very much for the SWG Q & A session.

That was hilarious!"

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(...) As one of the participants - Eric from Recovery Companion put it: "The program was an invaluable resource of information for our startup, empowering us to understand all facets of the startup journey and giving us the opportunity to pitch Recovery Companion to a diverse and engaged audience. We are extremely grateful for being included in the program and more importantly, for creating new friendships with our startup peers and the Wise Guys team."

Big thanks to our mentors: Patrick Collins, Petra Wolkenstein, Mario Krivokapic, Forian Kendler, Oscar Sanjuán Martínez, Jasmina Popovska and the SWG alumni & team.


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Petra did one of the best workshops when we were participating in the Startup Wise Guys program. She is an expert in negotiations. Her help and suggestions in terms of our company strategy were extremely valuable. Thank you!

Rodion Salnik
Co-founder of Casers

We really appreciate the great help and tips we received during Investor Dynamics training.  The valuable feedback and hands-on approach, gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them!

Oliver Sögel
Co-Founder Consorto
Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate in Europe

I just re-watched your videos - they are fantastic! Thank you so much for such a structured and "templates-based" attitude! Also lots of great insight about how an investor thinks during the Q&A sessions.

Victoria Gerukh
CEO uTrigg

Thank you very much for your time and valuable insights!

Nikiara Purmambietova
Chief Product Manager itsBeat

Thank you, Petra, for great insights on investor relations topic!

Alona Belinska
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Really good! The virtual_lab was very informative with a lot of useful things to make a better approach to investors.

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