Insights into our Startup negotiation training for 11 B2B startups

Startup Wise Guys 9. Batch

How to finance my startup, how to get good cooperation-partners and what tips and tricks are there for investor negotiations? These are topics that all startup founders are keenly interested in. An ideal preparation for investor and cooperation negotiations is therefore all the more important. As part of the 9th batch of the Startup Wise Guys accelerator program, one of the leading B2B startup programs in Eastern Europe, konsultori and key2investors coached the founders of 11 startups on all aspects of 2nd level negotiations in our startup negotiation training.

Startup negotiation training

Co-Working Space (Copyright: konsultori)

Startup negotiation training – mastering negotiations with investors and partners

In 2.5 hours konsultori and key2investors methodically and tactically worked with the 11 startups on their preparation and the course of investor and cooperation negotiations. Paying attention to the time dimension and tactics outside the negotiating table and to know exactly when and which documents have to be prepared in which form is of great importance for successful negotiations with investors and partners. Part of the negotiation training was also a one on one session, taking place right after the workshop which gave the founders the possibility to clarify questions individually.

Being able to put knowledge obtained during the workshop into practice and applying it for their own startups was our main goal of this workshop. We are very pleased of having received good feedback from the participants for example from Sigvards Krongorns, CEO of Castprint: “Thank you for the amazing negotiations training today at Startup Wise Guys and great mentoring session!”

Speaking of participants: One of the startups could not be on site with all their founders. Therefore, a remotely-controlled robot was present who streamed the workshop and let the founder interact and even negotiate. It was frictionless and we are happy that he could participate.

As interesting and creative as the participants were, so was the working area – Teikums in Riga, which is a co-working space fully geared towards flexible and creative work, offering closed and open meeting rooms as well as plenty of cozy and creatively designed space to give room to the numerous lines of thought and plans for investor negotiations.

Startup negotiation training

2nd Level Negotiation Workshop (Copyright: konsultori)

The journey goes on

An intensive workshop, exciting projects based on promising ideas in the B2B sector, strong and enriching founder personalities from all over Europe in one of the most pleasant co-working spaces in which konsultori was able to hold a workshop so far. Thanks for the productive work within the Startup Wiseguys Accelerator Program, we are looking forward to Batch 10 & 11 and wish the founders of Batch 9 an exciting and successful journey with their startups.

By the way: the applications for the 10th batch of Startup Wise Guys are already running. For all startups who do not want to miss the 3-month program, you can register here.